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ISBN: 9781852001896
Size: 212x135mm
Binding: paperback
Length: 162pp
Price: £9.95

by Carol M. Creasey

This often heartbreaking account by Carol, whose son, Paul, was born with many difficulties, including autism, is told with the honesty and sincerity necessary to portray the conflicting emotions faced by any family, and particularly a mother, in such circumstances. The overbearing feelings of guilt, failure and inadequacy have to be resolved to enable a happy life with her family.
    When multiple disabilities gradually begin to manifest themselves in Paul, Carol learns how to deal with each trauma individually; discovering that a sense of humour, along with the loyalty and care of her family, is essential, as children with severe difficulties react very differently to others in everyday situations.
   Despite everything, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as Paul’s bravery and courage to fight through illness and adversity, and become a happy young man despite all his disabilities, make everything else seem to pale into insignificance. If he could speak, he would surely say: “My life is worth living!”

Carol Creasey

Kent born author Carol M. Creasey originally wrote this book about her autistic son in 1993. With four children to cope with, the book brilliantly reflects her struggles balancing a full family life and still giving her son the extra care he needed. Many years later, in her novel The Power of Love, Carol drew from these same experiences to write about the life of a young 1960s mother coping with an autistic son.

   As well as looking after her family, Carol has had a career as a manager in various china and glass merchandising establishments and also owned her own shop. Writing has always remained an important part in Carol’s life, and since the original publication of My Life is Worth Living! she has published six novels, the latest of these being One Moment of Madness.

Other novels by Carol M. Creasey are: Evil Woman, Not Just an Affair and Evil Woman. . . Takes Revenge.

New Book - Published on 22nd February 2019 - Autobiography
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