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GRISELDA by Gwyneth Lambert
Griselda’s mother is disturbed when the half-brother of her late husband criticises the choice they took in sending their
Protestant daughter, known as Selly, to a Catholic school. Selly discovers many difficulties in life as she exchanges the. . .
ISBN 9781852001551 / 217x140mm / hardback / 178pp / £16.95
Griselda cover.jpg
LOOKING TOWARDS THE TAMAR – (paperback & hardback editions) by Ted Sherrell
Following the huge success of the hardback edition this is now in paperback. These present day stories are set in the community
and environment of the county of Devon. They draw inspiration from both country and urban areas. . .
ISBN 9781852001582 / 212x135mm / paperback / 206pp / £8.95 or ISBN 9781852001520 / 217x140mm / hardback / £16.95
Tamar paperback.jpg
DON ALVARO & THE FORCE OF DESTINY by Paul A.M. Pinto and Judith A. Pinto
With the Romantic era being a high point for Spanish drama, Rivas’s Don Alvaro was perhaps the most outstanding example.
The play intermingles tragedy and comedy, where high-minded noblemen and country bumpkins pursue their destinies side. . .
ISBN 9781852001568 / 217x140mm / hardback / 231pp / £16.95
Don Alvaro cover.jpg
WHISPERED TORMENT by Gabriel Ellison                                  
A traumatic suspense story that unfolds through two strong female dialogues.
    Rosemary has just become a widow, and her account begins when she meets Vincent Walberg, a widower himself.  
ISBN 9781852001575 / 217x140mm / hardback / 184pp / £16.95
Torment cover.jpg
EVIL WOMAN by Carol M. Creasey
Seemingly evil from birth, Sadie Morton-Brown’s increasingly sexy and seductive looks only help to give her the
power she desires over others; both male and female. . .
ISBN 9781852001605 / 217x140mm / hardback / 260pp / £17.95
Evil cover medium.jpg
THE PERSIANS ARE COMING & Other Stories including 'The Movie Star' and 'The Black Violinist' by John Groves
Love, cruelty and controversy bind this lively, absorbing collection of stories together in which the author takes his cue
from English history and from his own experience and imagination. . .
ISBN 9781852001612 / 217x140mm / hardback / 97pp / £14.95
Persians Cover.jpg
LOVE VEILED BY DESTINY by Margaret Baudert
Philip Maynard is a young Englishman who, following the post-war failure of his first marriage, has travelled to South Africa to
take up a position as mathematics master in a government school. In Johannesburg he meets Marnie van Vollenhoven. . .
ISBN 9781852001629 / 217x140mm / hardback / 203pp / £16.95
Love Veiled.jpg
BACK TO THE TAMAR by Ted Sherrell
Following the success of his present-day stories in Looking Towards the Tamar, in this new anthology Ted Sherrell looks back
to the early post-war years. He captures the period of the 1950s brilliantly, with inspired stories of country folk. . .
ISBN 9781852001636 / 217x140mm / hardback / 225pp / £16.95
Back Cover completeRED_Layout 1.jpg
A compelling story based on the actual lives of a family living through the dying days of British Colonial rule in what was then
Northern Rhodesia and is now Zambia, utilising extracts from the diary of Charles Barlow. . .
ISBN 9781852001643 / 217x140mm / hardback / 262pp / £17.95
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