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ISBN: 9781852001742
Size: 217x140mm
Binding: hardback
Length: 214pp
Price: £16.95
EVIL WOMAN. . . Takes Revenge
the sequel to Evil Woman

by Carol M. Creasey

Having spent four years locked up following a crime she didn’t do, Sadie Morton-Brown once again uses her seductive charm to convince the authorities, male and female, that she is no longer a danger to society.
     She is anxious to return to her daughter Danielle, who lives with Sadie’s parents together with her nanny Alice, the woman Sadie knows is responsible for killing Danielle’s father, her only true love.
     The quiet of Herne Bay in Kent, where her parents now live, is darkly disturbed by the arrival of Sadie. There is revenge to be had on Alice, and the incredible secret carried between herself and her mother is finally unleashed. But her disgust at the family’s friendship with Nathan, the man she had left for dead, turns to unexpected love and marriage.
     Although Sadie appears normal, her jealous character is unable to lose those dark, malevolent murderous thoughts and actions; she still disposes of those she dislikes, and the evil devastation she left behind in the USA, long before her incarceration, lurks in the background throughout everything, waiting to pounce.

Carol M. Creasey

Kent born author Carol M. Creasey wrote her first book about her autistic son entitled My Life is Worth Living! She had four children and that early book brilliantly reflected the struggles of family life with a handicapped child.
     As well as looking after her family, she has had a career as a manager in various china and glass merchandising establishments and also owned her own shop. Her writing has always remained important to her and this novel, the sequel to Evil Woman, is her fourth. Also by Carol are Not Just an Affair, The Power of Love and her latest novel One Moment of Madness.
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