Beyond the Bypass - to Every State of America

Beyond the Bypass - to Every State of America


Travelling through every state in the USA is something few people will ever achieve, even those residing in that country, and certainly not in the style of Mavis Gore and her husband Jeff.

After Jeff had a quadruple heart bypass, following which most would succumb to a peaceful early retirement, the couple instead decided to repeat a journey across Canada which they had taken in the early years of their marriage; but this time in a hired motor-home. However, they had not anticipated the return trip through the northern states of the USA would start them on a seven-year exploration of all the 48 lower states, together with `Harvi' the second-hand motorhome they purchased. 

Told with good humour and honesty the book recalls their experiences during their travels, vividly capturing the incredible variety of scenery and weather throughout the immense country of America, while also conveying the warmth and friendliness of the American people in every state. 

This is the real America, not the USA via Hollywood and TV. It is an America hidden from most of us, ready to unfold as we travel with Mavis and Jeff on a road-trip which eventually includes visits to the two final states and then the couple travelling in New York State on that fateful day of September 11th 2001, with a poignantly descriptive account of the aftermath following the attack on the World Trade Buildings. 

The personal interaction between Mavis and Jeff on their travels conveys warm humour (with just occasional agitation!) but most importantly and decisively it reflects a great upbeat and defiant attitude to life in general.

ISBN: 9781852001377 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 306pp 

Illus: 50 colour photos

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About the author:

Mavis Gore

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Mavis Gore subsequently moved to London before living in Canada as a newly-wed in the late 1950s; an experience which led to her first book titled Where There’s a Will

Once back in England, with four children all at school, she studied for and achieved a Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, becoming a teacher working in secondary and further education. 

She has travelled extensively in Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia, and has interests other than writing which are as varied as camping in the great outdoors to visiting famous museums, galleries and buildings in big cities.