Driven Crazy

Driven Crazy


Driven Crazy My Life With Cars & Other Vehicles

Sometimes it’s easy to imagine cars are just for getting from ‘a’ to ‘b’ – but we all know deep down that each vehicle has a character of its own. In this humorously offbeat and unusual book we share in Leslie Scrase’s life through his automotive experiences, where Jaguars and VW camper vans are viewed with equal affection. 

Having always loved cars from his very earliest days, the 1950s found Leslie with his first purchase of a 1934 Austin 7, which became known as Aubrey – and Aubrey was to prove a valuable early lesson in the art of car ownership and driving in general! 

Leslie amusingly describes events in his life in relation to the vehicles he has encountered; at one point even finding himself in South India where the transport was an ancient Ford Anglia. 

There are cars, minibuses and camper vans, and a Vauxhall Victor, which together with a Pemberton caravan come truly to life in one chapter as Vera and Charlie, causing considerable trouble for their owner Leslie! 

Eventually love of cars and driving led Leslie to start a chauffeur driven car hire company in Surrey. The cars were all Daimlers and Jaguars, and the clientele were largely leading businessmen, politicians and stars of stage and screen, some of whom provide an interesting lesson on the affect money and power can have on human nature.

ISBN: 9781852001797 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

17 b&w photographs 

Length: 163pp

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About the author:

Leslie Scrase

The author was born in Addiscombe, East Croydon. He was evacuated in 1939 and again in 1940, which led to his attendance at Selhurst Grammar School followed by Shebbear College in North Devon. 

Following National Service in the Royal Navy he went to Richmond College, London University. Trained as a Methodist Minister, he worked in many places around Britain and also in South India, where he was Principal of an adult training college. 

When his views on theology changed, Leslie Scrase left his Ministry and created his own business in Surrey: Alpha Cars, a chauffeur driven service mostly for businessmen and the stars. In 1996 he left this business to concentrate on his work as a Humanist Celebrant, lecturer and author. 

His published books include a number of thought-provoking commentaries dealing with Humanism and theology, fiction for both adults and children, poetry and three autobiographical fiction accounts:

Twice married, he and Wendy share over twenty grandchildren. In their spare time they are to be found at their home in Dorset.