Karl and the Killer's Kiss

Karl and the Killer's Kiss


Aquitted from the murder of three middle-aged women, all of whom were his lovers, Karl Lawrence remains embroiled with Gloria, the woman who helped him through his trial. But it is with her two daughters, Judy and sarah, he chooses to live, and Judy he eventually marries, much to Gloria's fury. Ex-policeman Randle still believes Karl is the killer and is determined to prove his case; whilst Todd, a notorious gangster, is pressurising Karl to join him in crime. After a terrible argument between Judy and Karl, Judy mysteriously disappears and Karl is convicted of her murder. From prison he takes part in an amazing scheme thought up by Todd, in which he actually participates in robberies whilst supposedly being locked up. Through Todd's treachery this finally goes wrong, but it does lead Karl to the final revelation: the identity of the real murderer. There are many surprises and twists which suggest suspects - even Karl himself. It could be any one of them ...but why?

ISBN: 9781852001032

Binding: Hardback

Size: 217x140mm 

Length: 200pp

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