Looking Towards the Tamar

Looking Towards the Tamar

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Looking Towards the Tamar: More Tales of Devonshire Life

Following the huge success of the hardback edition of this book United Writers now offer a paperback edition.

These present-day stories are set in the community and environment of the county of Devon. They draw inspiration from both country and urban areas which are well-known to author Ted Sherrell.

The stories embrace an interesting variety of characters and tales, ranging from the humour and madness of the local council meetings, where ‘risk assessments’ become a matter of embarrassment for one particular councillor, to the thoughtful reminiscences of an old man seeing again the fecund Tamar Valley with all its fruit, flowers and vegetables grown to be sent ‘up country’, until the day that Mr Beeching cut the trains which carried the produce. 

Ted Sherrell draws inspiration from his own knowledge and experiences of Devonshire life. His childhood was spent in the Tamar Valley, and his later observations as both a councillor and magistrate have helped him understand the strengths and frailties of human character.

Size: 212x135mm 

ISBN: Paperback: 9781852001582 / Hardback: 9781852001513

Length: 206pp

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About the author:

Ted Sherrell

Born and educated in West Devon, Ted Sherrell has had an interesting and most diverse working career; past work including being a civil servant, newspaper reporter, fireman, factory worker, door-to-door salesman, insurance agent, shopkeeper, proofreader and as a business adviser calling principally on farms in Devon and Cornwall.

A farmer’s son, he has worked amongst and been around the farming and rural communities of Devonshire for most of his life. He draws greatly upon this background – plus his various working experiences – when writing his novels and short stories.

In past years he gained an Honours Degree in History through a correspondence course and, as well as his writing career, Ted Sherrell was for many years involved in local government as a member of Tavistock Town Council, where in 2013 he was made the first ever Freeman of Tavistock. He has also been a member of West Devon Borough Council and is a Justice of the Peace.