Prinny Remembers

Prinny Remembers


Prinny Remembers - the Private Reflections of His Majesty King George the Fourth 

Thackeray cruelly wrote of George IV as no more than a tailor’s dummy. Later verdicts have been founded on this. A more recent one states that he was ‘an undutiful son, a bad husband, and a callous father,’ without finding very much to say against his kingship. 

None of the above is accurate, given the knowledge of lately revealed letters from George Augustus himself and those of his daughter, Princess Charlotte. George, better remembered as Prince Regent and often called Prinny, was in many ways a secretive man despite his outward flamboyance. Hints here and there in the Princess ’s letters show him as an affectionate father in private. In public, his attitude to her had to be ambivalent because her mother, long estranged from him by her own choice, made common cause with his political enemies, and what has generally been put down to caprice can be seen, knowing the facts, as statesmanship.

This charming, gifted and intelligent man contrived, despite an appalling hereditary illness concealed with great courage, to give his name to a brilliant Regency and thereafter to reign as King for a further ten years.

Prinny Remembers is an attempt to reconstruct the probable thoughts and memories of this secret man, dying almost alone at Windsor, old, ill and blind, in 1830, and put right the biased press usually given to him. 

ISBN: 9781852001223 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 251pp

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About the author:

Pamela Hill

Full-time writer Pamela Hill was educated in Scotland and originally trained to be a teacher. She has written around 91 books in various different categories of fiction and non-fiction, but it is her historical work which now takes precedence. From her home in Hertfordshire she is presently working on her latest work of non-fiction.