Six Images of Summer

Six Images of Summer


The enigmatic Summer Beethoven affects all those who come into contact with her; each character of the story becoming influenced by their own individual image of this unique and  tantalising female. 

Based on a real person, long dead, the rich and wonderful, if slightly obsolete, vocabulary of the English language used within this novel is intended to reflect the singular heroine of the story; for the language should not die, and nor should the memory of such an extraordinary character.

ISBN: 9781852001698 

Size: 212x135mm 

Binding: Paperback 

Length: 203pp

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About the author:

Inga Joseph

At the age of 12 Inga Joseph left her home and parents in Nazi-occupied Vienna via a movement called Kindertransport. She arrived in Falmouth, Cornwall and spent the years through to 1944 at school there. After leaving school she worked in various libraries and bookshops. In 1968 she became a mature student and qualified as a teacher three years later. She studied at Sheffield University and went on to teach modern languages. She married in the 1950s and has a son and two granddaughters. 

Throughout her life she has kept a diary and has been featured in this connection on BBC Radio 4’s Messages to Myself and Woman’s Hour as well as other radio programmes. Using the pseudonym Ingrid Jacoby, she has had three diaries published by United Writers under the My Darling Diary title.