Strange Tales of a Cotswold Town

Strange Tales of a Cotswold Town


These are tales dealing with various inexplicable, bizarre and supernatural happenings in localities around the author ’s home town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. 

Whilst the names of specific locations and the people involved have been changed to preserve their anonymity, many will no doubt recognise the settings in the area.

The tales involve a number of manifestations of the occult; including various hauntings, a ghostly painting, werewolves, wild children, witch hunts and their pitiful victims.

Tales of terror, malignancy and revenge, of fearful happenings, sometimes grotesque and quite incredible are written about here in Denys Sissons’ inimitable way. There are references to gallows and ley-lines, and cases where everything seems so plausible yet frightening that a frisson of horrifying fear is left behind in the mind of the reader. 

ISBN: 9781852001094 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 184pp

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About the author:

Denys S. Sissons

The author attended Allen’s College and the Royal Liberty School in Essex, followed by Wimborne Grammar School in Dorset. He served in the RAF from 1942-47. He was a sales manager in the pharmaceutical trade and also for Cadbury-Schweppes over many years. 

Following publishing success with short stories in various magazines, he is now committed to his writing career, with further books already in progress.