The Firestones of Gava

The Firestones of Gava


Four young teenage mountain bikers; Malc, Walt, Lennie and Lucille, become involved with kindly old Sebastian Cobb, and agree to help him in his search for some mysterious ‘firestones’ mentioned in several ancient manuscripts. This takes them from the town museum to the crypt of the local church, then finally up onto the bleak moors of Scarmoor Fells, where they seek the den of a Saxon hermit called Albericht from the year 857AD.

Amazingly they find a secret cavern where the firestones operate a portal leading into Earth’s parallel dimension of Gondarlion. To their dismay this action frees Albericht and makes them the Guardians of the Portal.

In exploring this new world they discover scary beings that strangely resemble those they remember from old fairy tales. Sebastian suggests that it is a sister land of Earth, where all the old tales of fairies, goblins, trogs, etc, originated.

They find out that Gondarlion is in crisis: invaded by alien creatures called Scorpii, with their gigantic Grontox war beasts. 

Although they escape back to Earth, they realise that as guardians it is up to them to return to help the Gondarlion people. Whilst this seems impossible to begin with, after a great deal of plotting and scheming a huge battle is planned which they hope will drive the Scorpii out of Gondarlion for good. . .

ISBN: 9781852001162 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 163pp

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About the author:

Alan Workman

Born in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, Alan Workman became a shipwright apprentice and later did his National Service in the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

He studied singing in London for six years before turning professional: singing for seven years with Sadler ’s Wells Opera Company in the UK and on tours across the continent. He also sang with the George Mitchel singers for a number of years. 

Retiring from professional singing in his fifties, he spent some years working at Gatwick Airport in various jobs.

He has had stories published in various magazines, but it is in his children’s stories that he feels able to share his philosophy to make them exciting, adventurous and, above all, fun.