Whispered Torment

Whispered Torment


A traumatic suspense story that unfolds through two strong female dialogues.

Rosemary has just become a widow, and her account begins when she meets Vincent Walberg, a widower himself. He has two grown-up children, Alison and Doug, and lives on his own cattle ranch in Zambia.

Alison starts her account with early memories of her mother being ill, and the strange healing powers that come to her through `the whisperers' in her head. From the beginning, all she wants is to gratify her father.

When Rosemary marries Vincent and they live together on the farm, she soon discovers that her new daughter-in-law, Alison, is reticent to communicate and not the friend she had expected.

On discovering Rosemary's steamy and deceitful relationship with her brother Doug, Alison's vengeance knows no bounds. `The whisperers' return to her head and she knows she must rid her father of this treacherous woman. She wants him to herself.

What follows is a tortuous unfolding of anxiety and murder, with Rosemary succumbing to a state of drunken depression and unable to understand why everything has gone so wrong for her in this foreign land.

Meanwhile `the whisperers' in Alison's head become ever stronger.

ISBN: 9781852001575 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: Hardback 

Length: 184pp

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About the author:

Gabriel Ellison

Gabriel Ellison is a renowned graphic design artist and writer working from Zambia. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and received an MBE for services to Graphic Art as well as an OGDS (Order of Distinguished Service). For many years she was a fellow of the British Display Society and the Chartered Society of Designers, and the Head of the Graphic Art Section for the Zambia Information Department. 

Her writing includes children’s story books published by Macmillan, UK and Bookworld Publishers, and also novels and non-fiction work of Zambian historical interest. Some of her stories have been broadcast on the BBC World Service.