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What United Writers has to offer Authors

As a small independent publisher working from Cornwall in the far south west of England, we are proud of our ongoing commitment to all our authors. Through our Writers’ Co-operative we have been able to publish an amazing and diversified range of books, all of which have one thing in common – our strong belief that they truly deserve to be in print and published. 

Our collaborative form of publishing is obviously an alternative to the main stream larger publishers, and the author/publisher shared production costs are not for everybody, but what we do is genuine and caring, and the way our Writers’ Co-operative form of publishing works means we must sell books to remain in business. This means we do not publish books that we feel are unsuitable for publication, and always do all we can to promote and sell copies of every book we accept and publish.

We are very transparent about what we do and authors can see how the Writers’ Co-operative works before approaching us with their work. This way authors can decide for themselves whether the publication opportunity we are offering is suitable for their own needs. 


What We Do



All books we accept for publication are professionally edited and corrected where necessary by our editorial team. We are particularly keen to work together with authors, informing them of anything which we feel could be improved in structure or plot. Should we feel there are small alterations that might improve readers’ appreciation of the work, we always discuss this with authors. Working in co-operation with our authors is very important to us.



Beginning with the typesetting and proofing, then working  through to the printing and binding, and on to the finished cased book, we take a thoughtful and professional approach to all aspects of producing our books by controlling the production process entirely in-house, using our own equipment and professional know-how. Layout and book jacket design are undertaken by our own art and graphics department, with any helpful input from authors always welcome. 

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Digital Syndication

Digital media can be a headache. Knowing how to create a formatted eBook that truly engages the reader just like the real thing is just the beginning of complexities that make this new medium challenging. Our integrated inline approach to publishing means we can create, troubleshoot and handle the distribution of an eBook. Currently we upload eBooks to the Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble platforms.

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Integrated Promotion & Sales

From the time of acceptance, right through to publication and beyond, we always try to think of any new ideas or avenues that might help promote and sell our books. We produce a regular book catalogue and also suitable individual publicity sheets for every book we publish, and these are mailed to many hundreds of booksellers, including the major book chains, book wholesalers and libraries. Press releases are produced at the time of publication and review copies are sent out. As well as this, all our books are available directly from us as Amazon Sellers and we have our own dedicated website where anyone can purchase our books as well.  

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