Evil Woman

Evil Woman


Seemingly evil from birth, Sadie Morton-Brown’s increasingly sexy and seductive looks only help to give her the power she desires over others; both male and female. 

Lacking any scruples or morals, she uses and abuses everyone within her reach, including her devoted parents, whose lives she leaves in ruins. She disposes of anyone who gets in her way, and, between boyfriends, utilises Sunita, the girl she seduced during her schooldays. 

Escaping to America, Sadie continues her quest to fulfil her own life regardless of the harm she does to others. With no conscience at all she seduces and destroys Ricky and his family; even selling her own baby. 

Leaving the USA for Spain and Danny Foster, golden boy of British football, married to a well-known model, Sadie continues, with the apparent help of new-found friend Alice, to perpetrate her immoral ways – but this time she becomes ensnared by the dark evil of her life twisting back on her.

ISBN: 9781852001605 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: Hardback 

Length: 269pp

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About the author:

Carol M. Creasey

Kent born author Carol M. Creasey wrote her first book about her autistic son entitled My Life is Worth Living! With four children to cope with, the book brilliantly reflects her struggles balancing a full family life and still giving her son the extra care he needed. Many years later, in her novel The Power of Love, Carol drew from these experiences and wrote about the problems faced by a young 1960s mother having to cope with an autistic son.

As well as looking after her family, Carol has had a career as a manager in various china and glass merchandising establishments and also owned her own shop. Writing has always remained an important part of Carol’s life and she now holds talks and attends many literary events to both promote her books and inspire other writers.