Originally published in 1987, Mildred has now been updated and revised in this new edition. The author explains within this book her belief that it was due to the fateful gullibility and cupidity of our foremother Eve in Eden, and the incogitant and spineless act of rebellion by Adam, whom she believes to have been Eve’s brother, that our devoted Creator actually sent his Daughter, not his son, to redeem us from the devil with Her streams of peerless blood. 

Using evidence from many eminent writers as well as the Bible itself, the author offers readers the proof that rather than the adverse reaction to the inclusion of females within Church dominions that has been so prevalent in the past, they should actually accept and rejoice in the fact that the Saviour Herself was female. 

The justification leading to Mildred being the Saviour, crucified whilst in the final throes of childbirth, is rooted in Leviticus 4:32, the content of which was introduced to the author at a dame-school in the 1930s. Since that time she has spent many years researching and extolling the virtue of our Saviour being a female, often against considerable enmity. Now, in the first half of the 21st century, she believes that at last minds are opening up to the amazing discovery she herself made so many years ago, that it is to a female, not a male, of the species that the Church should be displaying its veneration. 

ISBN: 9781852001872

Binding: Hardback

Size: 217x140mm 

Length: 100pp

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About the author:


Educated at Oxford University, Mildred has worked as a teacher and as an acting French commercial attaché in Nigeria, as well as being a company director for many years. She has travelled widely throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia. Mildred is a mother of four children, has eight grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Remaining physically and mentally active at the age of 90, and having herself previously experienced at first hand the result of sexism within the Church, she believes strongly that this book has already helped the movement for sexual equality within some hallowed precincts and through this new edition will continue to do so.