My Darling Diary - Volume Three

My Darling Diary - Volume Three


In her third diary we follow Ingrid Jacoby's life through the first half of the 1950s from the age of 23 to 26 years. 

Still in Oxford and now working for Rosenthals' Antiquarian Booksellers, she records relationships between all her work colleagues whilst finding a particularly deep attachment to Erica Spender, a worldly woman who sees in Ingrid something of her own spirit.

The intimacies and eccentricities of a number of boyfriends are brought to life throughout the entries and the names of Markus, WB, Alan, Jonathan, Antony, Peter and Michael weave in and out, coming and going, as either good or bad sexual encounters ensue or promises of more stable relationships occur.

At times Ingrid is sent into depression, will nothing work for her? She remembers, at the age of 12, being transported via Kindertransport from Vienna to Falmouth with her sister Lieselotte, discovering that her mother was lost forever after dying in a German concentration camp and subsequently being unable to properly find a close relationship with her father and his new wife. Holidays back to Austria and Falmouth help to build awareness and understanding, although still leave a sense of estrangement.

Finally though, there is a relationship that brings stability and reason to Ingrid. She meets and falls deeply in love with Stan, and as the pages of this third diary come to a close we know that her heart and life have become secure.

ISBN: 9781852001360 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 372pp 

Illus: 26 b/w within text

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About the author:

Ingrid Jacoby

At the age of 12 Inga Joseph left her home and parents in Nazi-occupied Vienna via a movement called Kindertransport. She arrived in Falmouth, Cornwall and spent the years through to 1944 at school there. After leaving school she worked in various libraries and bookshops. In 1968 she became a mature student and qualified as a teacher three years later. She studied at Sheffield University and went on to teach modern languages. She married in the 1950s and has a son and two granddaughters. 

Throughout her life she has kept a diary and has been featured in this connection on BBC Radio 4’s Messages to Myself and Woman’s Hour as well as other radio programmes. Using the pseudonym Ingrid Jacoby, she has had three diaries published by United Writers under the My Darling Diary title.