Shadows on a Moor

Shadows on a Moor


With dramatic settings stretching from the moors and mills of Yorkshire, England to the heat and velds surrounding Johannesburg, South Africa, all against the backdrop of the Second World War, this is a story of love conquering evil.

Kate is the daughter of Samuel Murgatroyd, a wealthy mill owner whose materialism and greed know no bounds. She despises her father for his selfishness, and when she meets Stephen Bader, an impoverished medical student, their instant attraction is immediately something that Samuel believes he must destroy in anticipation of more financially suitable suitors. His final vengeance is in sending his daughter away to South Africa.

With Murgatroyd’s ruthless cunning abetted by the ongoing Second World War the young couple appear to be split forever and set on separate paths. However, Stephen ’s friend John, a deaf, mute youth, has extraordinary intuitive powers which lead him to discover the lengths of Murgatroyd ’s deceptions, and together with Kate’s friend in South Africa, Jane Tanner, he helps in thwarting Murgatroyd’s devious plans.

As their lives continue separately, neither Kate or Stephen are aware of the strange twist of fate that will ultimately culminate in their happiness and the final defeat of the scheming Murgatroyd.

ISBN: 9781852001384 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 283pp

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About the author:

Margaret Baudert

The author was born and educated in Yorkshire and trained as a physiotherapist in Leeds. She travelled to South Africa to attend her sister’s wedding and decided to remain there, working for several years as a clinical physiotherapist in Johannesburg, and then among tribal Africans at a mission hospital in the N. Transvaal. Returning to the UK for a two-year teaching course at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, she was then appointed as Senior Lecturer at the College of Physiotherapy in Pretoria, South Africa.

She is currently a Course Leader for the University of the 3rd Age (ie: over 50s) and reflects her great interest in writing by giving talks on various writers such as the Brontë Sisters, Virginia Woolf or Bishop J.W. Calenso, and has been invited to lecture to members of the International Women’s Club in this respect.