The Interlopers

The Interlopers


Strange vibrations and an eerie light in the sky wake Mike Hunt one night during his walking and camping tour of south-west Scotland. His immediate investigation of this unusual phenomena produces no explanation. 

Locals in the village pub seem to know something about the disturbances but are unwilling to divulge anything. However, he is sent to a nearby cottage, where he meets Bernadette, a so-called white witch, to whom he is immediately attracted. She has a prot égé in the form of a small, precocious young girl named Teeny. 

Their combined experiences lead them to Glentrool Grange, home of an animal photographer and his middle-aged raunchy wife, together with her male artist ‘friend’ and his female secretary. 

Further bizarre nocturnal occurrences are witnessed at an old kirk in the Grange’s grounds, with the suspicion being that the phenomena are by-products of visits by interlopers from either the spirit world or some other space/time continuum.

Eventually the occupants of Glentrool Grange are forced into a situation of immense danger, where they find out more behind the hideous purpose of the appearances of these interlopers – or they think they do.

ISBN: 9781852001117 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 193pp

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About the author:

Denys S. Sissons

The author attended Allen’s College and the Royal Liberty School in Essex, followed by Wimborne Grammar School in Dorset. He served in the RAF from 1942-47. He was a sales manager in the pharmaceutical trade and also for Cadbury-Schweppes over many years. 

Following publishing success with short stories in various magazines, he is now committed to his writing career, with further books already in progress.