It's a Jungle in There!

It's a Jungle in There!


It's a Jungle in There! Obsessions, Compulsions, Addictions and Other Such Swamps of the Mind

Sometimes it is the very simplicity of the tale which makes the reading worthwhile, and this is such a case.

Jean Cooper's Mam, Violet May Coulton, lived to be 100 years of age and the story spanning those years from 1905 to 2006 is told here via memories and photographs. She was one of seven children and the challenges she faced, along with so many women of her generation, would seem extraordinary to most younger women in Britain today. Life was often hard and cruel, with true poverty and little love.

At the age of twelve Violet went to work during the First World War. Then followed several different jobs including being a scullery maid at Egerton Lodge, Melton Mowbray, where very many years later she would return as an esteemed guest, finally able to see what was upstairs! This in itself shows how considerably times changed during one lifetime. Nevertheless, all those years of poverty and hard work at a young age, then the Depression and no work and living through two world wars, never truly dampened the spirit of this indomitable woman.

The stories remembered in this book by the author and her two sisters, Audrey and Nancy, reflect the history of one life which itself reflects the history of Britain over those hundred years, and they will be an inspiration to all who read them.

ISBN: 9781852001179 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 233pp

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About the author:

Helen Darby

The author has worked successfully with all the disorders detailed in this book. She has qualifications in counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, child protection and issues related to child abuse and transactional analysis.

As a therapist she has worked in doctors’ surgeries and private consulting rooms and been involved in setting up an eating disorders helpline. She has also worked as a course writer and lecturer for Stonebridge Associated Colleges on a wide range of counselling and health-related subjects.

Using all her professionally gained experience, Helen Darby has written this book to open readers ’ minds, informing them in an easily understandable way how the mind works, why specific disorders occur and the types of therapy available.