The House of David

The House of David


Some amazing miracles occurred during the Second World War and undoubtedly this book chronicles one of them: In 1940 the author’s mother and father fled with their ten children away from the German invaders of Belgium. Against all odds and despite the awful trauma of war, they eventually all arrived safely in England. 

Marguerite, the second eldest of the ten children, tells the story of her family and childhood leading up to these events in pre-war Belgium. Told with the simplicity of a teenager this was a life of happiness and wonder, surrounded by loving parents and a growing number of brothers and sisters. 

It was this expanding family that made her father, David, who was English, a little eccentric and married to a Belgian lady, look for a suitable home. He eventually found a 300 year old house in the village of Andrimont. During his exploits at completely rebuilding the interior he left young Marguerite in some doubt whether there would ever be a house! But a house there was.

With the arrival of war it was this impulsive and yet determined character which was necessary when the family became refugees, fleeing from the German gestapo and leaving everyone and everything they had known behind them.
This story of innocent childhood, leading up to the dramatic escape from the German invaders, has already been serialised over 28 episodes on BBC Radio Newcastle and repeated due to popular demand, with BBC Radio Four giving it the ‘Best From Local Stations’ award.

ISBN: 9781852000998 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 195pp 

18 photographs & maps

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About the author:

Marguerite Porthouse

Following the events of this book Marguerite Porthouse settled in England. She studied for two years on a commercial arts course and held a number of posts as a company manager for various firms. She was a regional secretary and counsellor for the Open Door Association. 

She has had a successful writing career with many stories and poems published in a variety of different magazines and news papers, and has also had radio features produced.

Marguerite Porthouse lives with her husband Joseph in north-east England and has a son, David.