The Spiny Chiller

The Spiny Chiller


The Spiny Chiller and Other Selected Short Stories

This is an ingenious anthology of short stories with varied themes to suit every reader. There are a number of stories using clever anthropomorphic twists, producing nostalgic memories; sometimes with humour and occasionally with sadness. 

Readers will find they are kept on tenterhooks awaiting the outcome of some of the stories, whilst others, such as 'The Circle of Light', which reflects passing life as it unfolds under the light of a gaslight, are particularly poignant. The title story of 'The Spiny Chiller' is one which takes readers on a journey into the Middle East of 1969 through to today, cleverly depicting an audacious plot which, including the use of an encased spiny lizard, seems extraordinarily plausible.

There is much to empathise with in these stories and once read they are truly memorable.

ISBN: 9781852001322 

Size: 217x140mm 

Binding: hardback 

Length: 192pp

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About the Author:

Marson Holbrook

The author was born in the Midlands. He joined the British Army in 1950 and served through to 1977, with time spent in Singapore, Ceylon, France, Cyprus and Germany. Since that time he has worked in Saudi Arabia as a Staff Administrator of a construction camp with some 5,000 multi-national personnel, he has been a Storeman in an iron ore mine in Western Australia and a Clerical Assistant in the Finance Department of a London Borough. Following a short stay as a Plateman in the Lord Mayor’s Residence in the Mansion House he worked as a Housefather at a school for boys with medical, social and learning problems. 

He has travelled considerably, covering the world more than once by sea and by air. In 1998 he returned to Australia and took citizenship there. Then in 2003 he returned to the UK and is presently settled with his partner Beryl in Wiltshire.